Freshwater Monster of Ontario, Canada.

Etymology: Named sometime in the 1950s in imitation of Ogopogo. Possibly inspired by the Walt Kelly comic strip "Pogo," whose main character had a mock campaign for U.S. president in 1952 with the sl ogan, "I Go Pogo."

Variant names: Beaverton Bessie, Kempenfel t Kel l y, Simcoe Kel l y.

Physical description: Seal-like animal. Length, 12-70 feet. Charcoal-gray color. Dog- or horse-l ike face. Prominent eyes. Gaping mouth. Neck is like a stovepipe. Several dorsal fins. Fishlike tail.

Behavior: Basks in the sun.

Distribution: Kempenfel t Bay, Lake Simcoe, Ontario.

Significant sightings: Reports date back to the 1880s.

On July 22, 1963, the Rev. L. B. Williams and his family observed a charcoal-colored animal with dorsal fins.

A sonar sounding of a l arge animal was taken June 13, 1983, by William W. Skrypetz from the Government Dock and Marina.

A videotape of Igopogo was taken in 1991 by the captain of a powerboat whose vessel had broken down. A l arge, seal -l ike animal reared up out of the water twice, then submerged.

Possible explanation: An occasional seal that makes its way to the l ake.

Sources: New York Times, July 22, 1881, p. 2; Oakville (Ont.) Journal-Record, July 27, 1963; Toronto Sun, March 13, 1978, and July 31, 1978; John Kirk, In the Domain ofLake Monsters (Toronto, Canada: Key Porter Books, 1998), pp. 28, 113; Igopogo, a Mystery Sol ved, http://www.ul tranet.ca/bcscc/igopogo. htm

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