Horses Head

Freshwater MONSTERof Québec, Canada.

Variant name: Misiganebic.

Physical description: Length, 6-30 feet. Head is like a horse's.

Behavior: Swims swiftly. Travels on land between lakes. Tourists used to put cartons of cream in the water for the monster to drink.

Distribution: Baskatong Lake, Lac Bitobi, Lac Blue Sea, Lac-des-Cèdres, Lac Creux, Lac Désert, Gatineau River, Lac Pocknock, and Lac Trente-et-un-Milles, all in Québec.

238 horned jackal

Significant sighting: Around 1910, Olivier Garneau was fishing in Lac Blue Sea when he saw a 10-foot animal with a horse's head rise up out of the water.

Source: Michel Meurger and Claude Gagnon, Lake Monster Traditions: A Cross-Cultural Analysis (London: Fortean Tomes, 1988), pp. 104-110.

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