Freshwater MONSTERof New York.

Etymology: "Winged horse-griffin," from the Greek hippos ("horse") + the Latin gryphus ("griffin").

Distribution: Lake George, New York. Significant sightings: Around 1904, reports of a lake monster were generated by a 10-foot hippogriff 233

cedar log manipulated from the shore by acclaimed local artist Harry W. Watrous. The device is now housed at the Lake George Historical Association.

Sources: Curtis MacDougall, Hoaxes (New York: Dover, 1958), p. 14; Harry Henck, "The Lake George Monster," Adirondack Life, March-April 1980, pp. 37-41; Joseph W. Zarzynski, "The Lake George Monster Hoax of 1904," Pursuit, no. 51 (Summer 1980): 99-100; Ginger Henry, The Lake George Monster, March 3, 1998, http://tracylee. com/haguechronicle/monster.shtml.

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