Sea MONSTERof Northern Europe.

Etymology: After Hessafjorden, off Alesund, Norway.

Physical description: Length, 80—100 feet. Width, 5 feet. Brown color. Square head like an anaconda's. Squarish dorsal fin is about 15 inches high.

Behavior: Seems to move by both horizontal and vertical undulations. Eats carrion.

Distribution: Norwegian Sea off central Norway.

Significant sighting: On June 2, 1999, Arnt Helge Molv^r watched a Hessie for ten minutes through binoculars. It was feeding on the carcass of a whale off the shore near Alesund, More og Romsdal County, Norway. He ran home to get a video camera and returned fifty minutes later to shoot some footage.

Two fisherman on the fishing vessel Klaring saw an animal with two humps swimming at high speed about 300 feet away from their boat in the Storfjorden south of Sula Island on March 18, 2001.

Sources: Erik Knatterud, The Hessa Serpent, http://www.mjoesormen.no/thehessaseaserpentI. htm, http://www.mjoesormen.no/ thehessaserpentII.htm; Erik Knatterud, The Sula Sea Serpent, http://www.mjoesormen.no/ thesulaseaserpent.htm.

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