Freshwater Monster of Ontario, Canada.

Etymology: Name given by Donald Humphreys because it "popped into his head" when he saw the creature in 1968.

Variant names: Hapaxelor, Mussie.

Physical description: Length, 14-24 feet. Silvery-green or dark-brown color. Head like an alligator's. Crest or mane. Three bright eyes. Three ears. One big tooth. Slender neck. Two humps. One big fin. Two flippers.

Behavior: Eats fishes.

Distribution: Muskrat Lake, near Cobden, Ontario.

Significant sightings: A. W. Peever saw an animal the size of a horse crossing the lake in 1941.

In the spring of 1968, Donald Humphreys saw a silver-green animal, 24 feet long (later revised to 14-16 feet long), at the southern end of the lake. It had a large head with one tooth and a pair of front flippers.

Sonar tracings on an Eagle Z-5000 "fish-finder" portable device, taken by Michael Bradley on October 5, 1988, showed two 8- to 10-foot objects swimming side by side and heading toward the surface from a depth of 54 feet.

Possible explanations:

(2) A Lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens), though none are officially known to live in

Muskrat Lake.

Sources: Pembroke (Ont.) Observer and Upper Ottawa Advertiser, September 10, 1880; Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, July 8, 1969; Michael Bradley, More than a Myth: The Search for the Monster ofMuskrat Lake (Willowdale, Ont., Canada: Hounslow Press, 1989).

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