Sea Monster of coastal British Columbia, Canada, apparently corresponding to Caddy.

Etymology: Nootka (Wakashan), "lightning snake" or "wriggler."

Variant names: Heit lik, Hiaschuckaluck (Chinook Jargon/Pidgin, hayash ["big"] + olêk ["snake"]), Hiyitl'iik, Numkse Lee Kwala (Comox/Salishan), T'chain-ko (Sechelt/Salis-han).

Physical description: Ser pent ine. Lengt h, 7-8 feet. Horselike head. Head and back covered with hair or a mane. Prominant teeth. Four legs.

Behavior: Can move on land by wr iggling like a snake.

Distribution: Strait of Georgia, British Columbia .

Sources: Charles F. Newcombe, "Petroglyphs in British Columbia," Victoria (B.C.) Times, September 10, 1907; Beth and Ray Hill, Indian Petroglyphs of the Pacific Northwest

(Saanichton, B.C., Canada: Hancock House, 1974); David W. Ellis and Luke Swan, Teachings of the Tides: Uses of Marine Invertebrates by the Manhousat People (Nanaimo, B.C., Canada: Theytus, 1981).

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