Tigre de Montagne of West Africa.

Etymology: Daju (Nilo-Saharan) word.

Variant name: Biscor o (Tupur i/Ubangi).

Physical description: Larger than a lion. Long teeth. Maned. Short tail like a hyena's.

Behavior: Said to be painful for it to open its mout h because of it s t eet h. Only eat s small pr ey.

Habitat: Mount ains.

Distribution: Near Temki, Chad.

Possible explanation: A surviving saber-toothed cat, possibly a Megantereon, which lived in South Africa 3 million years ago.

Source: Jeanne-Fr ançoise Vincent, Le pouvoir et le sacré chez les Hadjeray du Tchad (Par is: Éditions Anthropos, 1975), pp. 100-101.

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