True Giant hominid of Australia.

Etymology: Unknown, although the Australian jingy or chingah were terms used in Western Australia during the nineteenth century for "devils" or "evil spirits."

Variant names: Barmi birgoo, Illankanpanka (in central Queensland), Jimbra (in Western Australia), Jingra, Jinka (in Western Australia), Kraitbull (in South Australia), Lo-an (in Yarra Flats, Victoria), Pankalanka (in Northern Territory), Tjangara (in South Australia), Wolumbin. In Victoria, Lowan (Lo-an) is used for the Mallee fowl (Leipoa ocellata), a large megapode with a loud, three-noted, booming call.

Physical description: Gorilla-like. Height, 7-10 feet. Covered in dark-brown or black hair. Large genitals. Females have large breasts.

Behavior: Bipedal. Makes gutteral sounds. Has a rotten smell. Carries a club or tree limb to kill people.

Tracks: Length, 24 inches. Splayed big toes. Distribution: Great Sandy Desert, Western Australia; Arnhem Land, Northern Territory; Mount Kosciusko area, New South Wales; central Queensland; Murray region, South Australia; Yarra Flats, Victoria.

Significant sightings: In July 1861, explorers

The JOGUNG, a True Giant hominid of Australia. (Harry Trumbore/Loren Coleman)

Dempster, Clarkson, and Harper heard from Aborigines at Lake Grace, Western Australia, about the Jimbra or Jingra, a fierce, monkeylike animal that killed solitary travelers.

Around 1960, Andy Hoad and Brett Taylor were prospecting in the Lake Ballard area, Western Australia, when they saw a group of huge, gorilla-like creatures emerge from a stand of scrub. One female was 7 feet tall and had long breasts and dark-brown hair, while a male stood 9 feet tall. Hoad and Taylor ran back to their hut, where they found a 10-foot gorilla in the process of tearing it down. They hid until the coast was clear, then jumped in their truck and drove away. Aborigines in Kal-goolrie-Boulder told them the gorillas were called Jimbra.

In June 1970, mountaineers Ron Bartlett and Frank Sinclair were breaking camp northwest of Mount Kosciusko, New South Wales, when they noticed huge, humanlike tracks in the jogung 259

snow nearby. They detected a strange odor and felt they were being watched. As they moved through the scrub, they saw a dark, hairy, 8-foot figure staring at them. It moved away into the dense bush.

In 1977, Vince and Trevor Collins were driving a truck north of Jimberingga Well in the Great Sandy Desert, Western Australia, when an enormous, black gorilla emerged from the bushes into the road, brandishing a tree limb.

In 1989, a 13-foot, hairy giant wielding a club was seen along Cooper Creek between Maree and Birdsville, South Australia, by two carloads of four-wheel-drive enthusiasts.

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