Guai Wu

Freshwater Monster of China.

Etymology: Mandarin Chinese (Sino-Tibetan), "strange beast."

Physical description: Size of an ox. Black with white underparts. Large, seal-like head. Long neck.

Distribution: Chon-Ji Lake (also called Tian-chi, Changbai, or Dragon Lake), Jilin Province, China.

Significant sightings: Reports date back to the nineteenth century, but Chinese researchers claim to have collected 100 reports between 1962 and 1994.

In August 1980, a party of meteorologists saw a large animal with a 3-foot neck, a cow-shaped head, and a duck-shaped beak.

In early January 1987, a group of fifty tourists was surprised when a lake monster surfaced near the eastern shore. One witness, Shen Ruder, said it roared like a locomotive and sprayed water out of its nose.

Photos and a video of a dragonlike animal were taken on September 2, 1994. The creature swam for ten minutes on the surface, raising waves 6 feet high.

Four black animals were seen frolicking in the lake by more than 200 people in 1996 and were allegedly captured on film by photographer Wang Ling.

Present status: The volcano where this lake is located erupted in 1702, so presumably, anything in it has been imported since that date.

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