Ground Shark

Unknown Fish of the Indian Ocean.

Physical description: Larger than a great white shark, which has an average length of 14 feet. No prominent dorsal fin.

Behavior: Lies in wait for other fishes on the ocean floor. Said to be a man-eater. Distribution: Timor Sea. Possible explanation: A giant form of Wobbe-gong shark (Family Orectolobidae), suggested by Karl Shuker. The Spotted wobbegong (Orec-tolobus maculatus) inhabits Australasian waters and grows to 10 feet 6 inches. It feeds on the bottom but attacks waders and fishers in tidal pools.

Sources: Willy Ley, The Lungfish and the Unicorn (New York: Modern Age, 1941); Karl Shuker, "The Search for Monster Sharks," Fate 44 (March 1991): 41-49.

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