Cannibal Giant of eastern Canada. Etymology: Micmac (Algonquian) word. Variant names: Gugu, GugwÉ, Kuhkw. Physical description: Female monster taller than a ship.

Behavior: Carries a pouch in which it puts humans to be eaten later. Whistles shrilly.

Distribution: Bonaventure Island, Québec; Miscou Island, New Brunswick.

Sources: Samuel de Champlain, Des Sauvages [1603], in Henry Percival Biggar, ed., The Works ofrSamuel de Champlain (Toronto, Canada: Champlain Society, 1922), vol. 1, p. 186-187; Sidney W. Dean and Marguerite Mooers Marshall, We Fell in Love with Quebec (Philadelphia: Macrae Smith, 1950), pp. 221-222; Richard S. Lambert, Exploring the Supernatural (Toronto, Canada: McClelland and Stewart, 1955), p. 181; Bruce S. Wright, "The Gougou: The Bigfoot of the East," Bigfoot Bulletin, no. 25 (1971).

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