Hairy Biped of Maryland.

Variant name: Abominable phantom. Physical description: Height, 6 feet. Covered with hair. Blazing red eyes. Lower body resembles a goat's.

Behavior: Bipedal. Makes a high-pitched squeal. Said to be responsible for mutilated pets. Habitat: Country roads and forests.

Distribution: Prince George's and Calvert Counties, Maryland.

Significant sightings: Reverty Garner and his wife ran into a hairy wildman as they pulled into their driveway in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, on August 1, 1957.

On November 3, 1971, April Edwards saw a large creature in her backyard along Fletcher-town Road in Bowie, Maryland; her dog, Ginger, disappeared shortly afterward. Willie Gheen and John Hayden discovered the dog's head the next morning. Kathy Edwards and a group of girls saw a humanlike form climb off a pickup truck and walk into the woods on November 17.

Possible explanations:

(1) An elderly human hermit.

(2) Urban legend.

Sources: Washington (D.C.) Evening Star, August 5, 1957; Washington (D.C.) Daily News, August 7, 1957; P^rince George's County (Md.) News, October 27, November 10, and November 24, 1971; Bob Weller, ed., Prince George's Community Collage: An Oral History Collection (Largo, Md.: Prince George's Community College, 1986); Mark Opsasnick, "On the Trail of the Goatman," Strange Magazine, no. 14 (Fall 1994): 18-21; Sean Daly, "The Legend of Goatman," Washington (D.C.) City Paper, September 18, 1998, on line at http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/ archives/cover/1998/cover0918.html; John Lawson, The Goatman Legend of Prince George's County, http://azaz.essortment.com/ goatmanlegend_rhcn.htm.

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