Giant Salmon

Mystery Fish of northern China.

P^hysical description: Red fish similar to the taimen but five times as large. Length, up to 33 feet. Head, 3 feet across. Spiny dorsal rays. Tail fins.

Behavior: Causes huge waves. Said to feed on cattle and sheep.

Distribution: Lake Hanas, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China.

Significant sightings: Biologist Xiang Lihao and his students visited the lake in July 1985 and photographed a school of some sixty of these fishes. However, the photos have apparently never been published.

Three 13-foot specimens were reported by fishermen in July 1988.

Possible explanation: Enormous species of Taimen (Hucho taimen), a large, freshwater salmon that resembles a pike or muskellunge and normally only grows to 6 feet long.

Sources: Wen Jiao, "Does China Have a Loch Ness Monster?" China Reconstructs 35 (April 1986): 28-29; "Giant Fish Reported in China," ISC Newsletter 5, no. 3 (Autumn 1986): 7-8; Detroit (Mich.) News, August 10, 1988.

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