Local name for the Nandi Bear of East Africa.

Etymology: Kalenjin (Nilo-Saharan), "brain-eater."

Variant names: Gadett (Masai/Nilo-Saharan), Keteit, Ketit.

Behavior: Said to break into native huts at night, kill the occupants, and eat their brains. Kills goats and sheep in the same way. Rises on hind legs to attack.

Distribution: Western Kenya. Significant sighting: In the 1920s, a Gadett was said to have eaten the brains of fifty-seven goats and sheep over a period of ten days, leaving thirteen victims alive. In this instance, the animal turned out to be an unusually large Spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta).

Source: Charles R. S. Pitman, A Game Warden among His Charges (London: Nisbet, 1931), pp. 287-302.

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