Hgre de montagne of Central Africa.

Etymology: Yulu (Nilo-Saharan) word, possibly incorrectly transcribed. Variant name: Vassoko. Physical description: Larger than a lion. Reddish-brown. Eyes glow at night like headlights. Small ears like a dog's. Long fangs that extend beyond its lips.

Behavior: Primarily nocturnal. Bellows like an elephant. Carnivorous. Carries off its prey to the mountains.

Tracks: Larger than a lion's. Habitat: Caves in the mountains. Distribution: Massif des Bongos, near Ouanda Djalle, Central African Republic.

Sources: Bernard Heuvelmans, On the Track ofUnknown Animals (New York: Hill and Wang, 1958), p. 465; Bernard Heuvelmans, Les derniers dragons d'Afiique (Paris: Plon, 1978), pp. 263, 266, 383, 392, 395.

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