Mystery PrM ATE of Madagascar.

Etymology: Betsileo Malagasy (Austronesian), "white sheep."

Variant name: Habéby.

Physical description: Size of a sheep. White coat, spotted with buff or black. Long, furry ears. Large, staring eyes. Long muzzle. Said to have cloven hooves.

Behavior: Nocturnal. Herbivorous. Distribution: Isalo Massif, Madagascar. Possible explanation: An unknown species of lemur, one of a group of three prosimian families (Lemuridae, Cheirogaleidae, and Indriidae) endemic to Madagascar.

Source: Raymond Decary, La faune malgache, son rôle dans les croyances et les usages indigènes (Paris: Payot, 1950), pp. 203-204.

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