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Despite the desire of most cryptozoologists to explain all observations of unknown animals in zoological terms, there nonetheless exist experiences that seem to belong to the psychic, the paranormal, or the spiritual world rather than the physical. Black Dogs disappear into thin air, Flying HumanOIDS with batlike wings appear in an area of concentrated unidentified flying object (UFO) reports, and Hairy Bipeds are impervious to bullets.

These high-strangeness cases often, but not always, intertwine the metaphysical or cultural belief systems of the observer with whatever stimulus happens to be physically present. A

furtive shadow on the wall in a New Delhi suburb becomes a menacing Monkey Man; an out-of-place moose is transformed into an extraterrestrial-like Dover Demon; a distant house cat provides the inspiration for an Alien Big c at report; an odd combination of unrelated sights, sounds, and smells creates the illusion of a mythical ChUPACABRAS with fiery red eyes.

Sometimes, the stimulus is a cryptid whose appearance is magnified through a filter of fear and preconception. Undoubtedly, the BeAST of Gevaudan (a hyena) contributed to werewolf lore in eighteenth-century France. The sighting of an errant blgfoot reinforces the Cannibal Giant folklore espoused by a startled Native American or muddles the sensory input of a midwestern couple unfamiliar with the physical characteristics of a Pacific Northwest hominid.

Of course, it is possible that genuine apparitions of a psychic nature are responsible for some of these phenomena. Whether or not that's true, cryptozoologists still need to study Entity cases in order to discern the differences between Smail Hominids and Little Peop le or between Black Dogs and German shepherds on the loose. Are fiery red eyes always a characteristic of a paranormal entity? Or are there circumstances under which the eyes of real animals can appear red and luminous? We need to know the precise mechanisms by which observers perceive or misperceive unusual, unexpected, or inexplicable events and how belief and veridical experience interact.

Eleven of the fifteen Entities in this section have a roughly human or humanoid shape.

Mystery Entities

Aiien Big Cat; Big Grey Man; Black Dog; brenin Llwyd; Cannibal Giant; Chu-pacabras; Daisy Dog; Dover Demon; Flying Humanoid; Hairy Biped; Little People; Lizard Man; Monkey Man; Phantom Wolf; Werewolf

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