Small Hom ¡nid of West Africa.

Etymology: Dida (Kru) word. In the Central African Republic, this is the Banda-Yangere (Ubangi) term for the Moustached monkey (Cercopithecus cephus).

Variant name: Egbéré (in Sierra Leone). Physical description: Long hair. Behavior: Said to kidnap people and bring them to their villages upon occasion. Habitat: Villages in the deep forest. Distribution: Southern Côte d'Ivoire; Sierra Leone.

Source: Gaston Joseph, "Notes sur les Avikams de la lagune de Lahou et les Didas de la région du Bas-Bandama," Bulletins et Mémoires de la Société Anthropologique de Paris, ser. 6, 1 (1910): 234-247.

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