Ecuadorean Ground Sloth

sloth-like mammal of South America.

Physical description: Length, 10 feet. Long hair. Long, horselike snout.

Behavior: Can stand on hind legs but walks on all fours.

Habitat: Caves. Browses on vegetation. Distribution: Ecuador.

Present status: Only one report from Ecuador in the 1980s.

Possible explanation: A surviving Giant ground sloth (Megatherium), which could walk either bipedally or quadrupedally. This sloth was a large-bodied browser that lived in South America from the Late Pliocene to the Pleistocene, 1.9 million-8,000 years ago.

Source: "Giant Ground Sloth Survival Proposed Anew," ISC Newsletter 12, no. 1 (1993- 1996): 1-5.

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