Alternate name for the Yowie of Australia.

Etymology: From the Dhurga or Thurawal (Australian) duligaal ("wild blackfellow").

Variant names: Dhuligal, Doolagard, Doola-garl, Dooligal, Douligah, Dulagarl, Thoolagal. Physical description: Covered with hair. Behavior: Nocturnal. Raids Aboriginal camps. Habitat: Mountain ranges. Distribution: Southern coast of New South Wales.

Significant sighting: In June 1970, near Geehi, New South Wales, mountaineers Ron Bartlett and Frank Sinclair spotted a 7-foot-tall humanlike figure after finding odd tracks in the snow.

Sources: Te Whare [Henry V. Edwards], A Bush Cinema Made in Australia (Sydney, Australia: Te Whare, 1922), p. 8; Roland Robertson, Black-Feller White-Feller (Sydney, Australia: Angus and Robertson, 1958); Graham Joyner, The Hairy Man of South Eastern Australia (Kingston, A.C.T., Australia: Graham Joyner, 1977).

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