Cannibal Giant of western Canada.

Etymology: Kwakiutl (Wakashan), "wild woman of the woods." Variant name: Tsonoqua. Physical description: Covered with long, black hair. Long arms. Hairy hands. Sharp claws. Short hind legs.

Behavior: Antisocial. Upright gait. Most often described as a cannibal woman.

Distribution: Southwestern British Columbia. Significant sighting: Represented on carved, wooden masks used for ritual purposes. Its face also appears on totem-pole carvings.

Sources: Franz Boas and George Hunt, "Kwakiutl Texts," Memoirs of the American Museum ofNaturalHistory 5 (1902): 431-436; Franz Boas, "Kwakiutl Tales, New Series," Contributions to Anthropology, Columbia University 26 (1935): 147-156; Joseph H. Wherry, Indian Masks and Myths ofthe West (New York: Funk and Wagnalls, 1969), pp. 114-121; Grant R. Keddie, "On Creating Un-humans," in Vladimir Markotic and Grover Krantz, eds., The Sasquatch and Other Unknown Hominoids (Calgary, Alta., Canada: Western Publishers, 1984), pp. 22-29.

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