Unrecognized big c at hybrid of the Indian subcontinent.

Etymology: Unknown; possibly Hindi (Indo-Aryan), "double-faced."

Physical description: Length, 8 feet. Spotted, leopardlike head. Tigerlike neck ruff. Shoulders and body covered with tiger stripes that sometimes blur into rosettes. Grayish ground color. Leopardlike tail. Distribution: India.

Significant sighting: An apparent leopard x tiger hybrid was killed by Frederick C. Hicks in 1910, who claimed that the locals were familiar with these animals.

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Possible explanation: An interspecies Leopard (Panthera pardus) x Tiger (P. tigris) cross is unknown in the wild, but if it occurred, it would probably result in a sterile animal.

Sources: Frederick C. Hicks, Forty Years among the Wild Animals oflndia from Mysore to the Himalayas (Allahabad, India: Pioneer Press, 1910); Karl Shuker, Mystery Cats ofthe World (London: Robert Hale, 1989), pp. 111-112.

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