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Sea MONK caught in Scandinavia in 1546. From Guillaume Rondelet, Libri de piscibus marinus (Lyon, France: Matthiam Bonhomme, 1554). (From the original in the Special Collections of Northwestern University Library)

Chaudière, 1551); Guillaume Rondelet, Libri de piscibus marinis (Leiden, the Netherlands: Matthias Bonhomme, 1554-1555); Konrad Gesner, De piscibus et aquatilibus omnibus libelli III (Zurich, Switzerland: Andreas Gesner, 1556); Martina A. Roeleveld and Jorgen Knudsen, "Japetus Steenstrup: On the Merman (Called the Sea Monk) Caught in the 0resund in the Time of King Christian III," Steenstrupia 6 (1980): 293-332.

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