Das Adder

Unknown Lizard of Sout h Africa.

Etymology: The local name for Rock hyraxes (Procavia spp.) is "dassie"; thus, a combination of snake and hyrax.

Variant name: Dassie-adder. Physical description: Snakelike body. Head like a hyrax. Skin around ear openings is folded int o a crest. Red and yellow st ripes on t he t ail, which is about 2 feet long.

Behavior: Ext remely venomous. Allegedly capable of luring prey wit h it s irresist ible gaze.

Distribution: Drakensberg Mount ains, Sout h Africa.

Possible explanations:

(1) The Rock monit or (Varanus albigularis) has a short er head t han t he Wat er monit or lizard ( V. niloticus) and grows t o just over 4 feet. It s t ail is long but not st riped.

(2) An unknown species of monit or lizard. Sources: W. L. Speight, "Myst ery Monst ers in Africa," Empire Review 71 (1940): 223-228; Karl Shuker, "Here Be Dragons," Fate 49 (June 1996): 31-34.

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