Giant Fish of t he Sout h Pacific Ocean. Etymology: Fijian (Aust ronesian) word. Variant name: Dakuwaqua. Physical description: Shark with light spots. Lengt h, 35 feet . Turt le-shaped head. Short neck, 2 feet in diamet er. Enormous dorsal fin. Fluked t ail like a whale's.

Behavior: Said to at t ack canoes when hungry.

Distribution: Koro Sea, off Vanua Levu, Fiji Islands.

Significant sighting: Rev. A. J. Small saw the animal in 1912 when he was on board an 8-t on cut t er.

Possible explanation: The Whale shark (Rhin-codon typus) is known in t hese wat ers and fit s t he general physical descript ion.

Sources: Colman Wall, "Dakuwaqa," Transactions of the Fijian Society, 1917, pp. 6—12, 39—46; George T. Bakker, "Dakuwaqa," Transactions of the Fijian Society, 1924, pp. 30—36; Paul Sieveking, "The Dakuwaqua," Fortean Times, no. 58 (July 1991): 28.

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