Cu Sith

Black Dog of Scotland.

Etymology: Gaelic, "fairy dog." Physical description: Size of a yearling bullock. Usually dark green, sometimes white. Shaggy. Paws as wide as a man's hand. Long tail is coiled up or plaited.

Behavior: Gives three loud bays. Tracks: Sometimes found in snow or mud. Distribution: Scotland and the Hebrides. Sources: John Gregorson Campbell, Superstitions of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland (Glasgow, Scotland: J. MacLehose, 1900), pp. 30-32; Alasdair Alpin MacGregor, The Ghost Book (London: Robert Hale, 1955), pp. 55-81; James MacKillop, Oxford Dictionary ofCeltic Mythology (New York: Oxford University Press, 1998), p. 122.

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