Freshwater Monster of West Asia.

Etymology: Turkish, "monst er."

Variant name: Vanna.

Physical description: Lengt h, 24-50 feet. Widt h, 3-6 feet. Whit e wit h a black st r ipe along its back. Hairy head with horns. Three erect spines or fins.

Distribution: Van Golu (Lake Van), Van Province, Turkey.

Significant sightings: Pr ovincial deput y gover -nor Best ami Alkan observed a black, dinosaurlike animal wit h t r iangular spikes on it s back in


On June 10, 1997, Unal Kozak took video footage of the creature. It shows a dark object moving t hr ough t he wat er near t he shor e befor e submerging. Enlarged, the object resembles a dark-brown hump, possibly showing an eye on one side.

Sources: Must afa Y. Nut ku and Unal Kozak, Van Golu Canavari (Van, Turkey: Y.Y.U. Matbaasi, 1996); Karl Shuker, "Teggie and the Turk," StrangeM8agazine, no. 17 (Summer 1996): 25-27; CNN, "Sea Monster or Monster Hoax?" June 12, 1997, WORLD/9706/12/fr inge/t ur key.monst er /.

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