Cannibal Giant of western North America.

Etymology: Kwakiutl (Wakashan), "man of the woods" or "ape."

Variant names: Boks or Puks (Bella Coola/Sal-ishan), Bowis (Tsimshian/Penutian), Pi'kis (Nass-Gitksian/Penutian), Pokwas, Pukmis (Nootka/Wakashan), Pukwubis (Makah/ Wakashan).

Physical description: Height, about 5 feet. Covered with long hair. Face hairless and protruding. Thick browridges. Splayed nostrils. Pointed ears. No chin. Strong chest. Long arms.

Behavior: Walks with a stooping gait. Shrieks and whistles, especially at night. Has a bad odor. Eats clams. Has no fear of fire. Travels by canoe. Sometimes described as the spirit of a drowned person or a transformed otter.

Distribution: British Columbia and Washington State.

Significant sighting: Represented on carved, wooden masks used for ritual purposes. One mask was collected around 1914 from Nass-Gitksian Indians in northern British Columbia and is in Harvard's Peabody Museum. It features browridges, splayed nostrils, a jutting jaw without a chin, and thick lips.

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