Freshwater Monster of Russia. Etymology: After the lake. Physical description: Serpentine. Length, 13—16 feet. Fish- or snakelike head. Large eyes. Enormous tail.

Distribution: Lake Brosno (250 miles northwest of Moscow), Tver' Region, European Russia.

Significant sightings: A monster tradition dates back to 1854.

In late 1996, tourists from Moscow snapped a photo of the monster after their seven-year-old son shouted that he had seen a dragon in the lake.

Possible explanation: The Sturgeon (Acipenser sturio) often grows to 11 feet 6 inches long, with outsize specimens reaching 19 feet. Some individuals are thought to live as long as 100 years. It is found in the Baltic Sea and spawns in rivers that drain into it. The Tver' Region would be a bit remote for this species.

Sources: Nikolai Pavlov, "Russia's 'Nessie' Frightens Villagers," Reuters, December 14, 1996; "A Russian Lake Monster," Cryptozoology Review 2, no. 1 (Summer 1997): 4; Karl Shuker, "Fr eshwat er Monst er s: The Next Generation," Fate 51 (February 1998): 18-21.

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