Bothrodon pridii

Supposed giant Snake of South America.

Physical description: Based on the misidentifi-cation of an alleged 2.5-inch-long fossil poison fang found in the Gran Chaco area of South America in the 1920s and presumed to be from an unknown snake. In 1939, the object was positively identified as a prong from the shell of the Chiragra spider conch (Lambis chirarga).

Sources: John Graham Kerr, "Bothrodon pridii, an Ext inct Ser pent of Gigant ic Dimensions," Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh 46 (1926): 314-315; David Heppell, "Gigantic Serpent Really a Gastropod!" Conchologists'Newsletter, no. 16 (March 1966): 108-109.

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