Bornean Tiger

Unrecognized big CAT of Southeast Asia.

Distribution: Borneo, Indonesia.

Significant sightings: In the late 1990s, Erik Meijaard collected scattered evidence from the north, east, and interior of Borneo that tigers existed there in recent times. Tiger skins, skulls, and teeth are in the possession of some of the indigenous peoples, and sightings have occurred as recently as 1995.

Possible explanations: Either a remnant population of Tigers (Panthera tigris) has existed on the island since the Pleistocene or, at some point in the recent past, it was introduced, perhaps by the sultans of Sarawak, Sabah, or Brunei.

Sources: Douchan Gersi, Dans la jungle de Borneo (Paris: Editions G.P., 1975); Erik Meijaard, "The Bornean Tiger: Speculation on Its Existence," Cat News, no. 30 (Spring 1999): 12-15.

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