Black Sea Snake

Mystery Snake of West Asia.

Physical description: Dark brown above, white below. Length, 82-98 feet. Snakelike head.

Behavior: Wriggles like a snake in the water. Floats by rolling into a ball.

Distribution: Crimean shore of the Black Sea, Ukraine.

Significant sighting: For forty minutes in the spring of 1952, Vsevolod Ivanov watched a huge snake swimming in Sordolik Bay of the Black Sea near Planerskoye, Crimean Republic, Ukraine.

Sources: Vasilii Khr ist ofor ovich Kondar aki, Universal'noe opisanie Kryma (St. Pet ersburg, Russia, 1875), pt. 7, p. 35; Vsevolod V. Ivanov, Perepiska s A. M. Gor'kim (Moscow: Sov. Pisatel', 1969); Maya Bakova, "Black Sea Serpents," Fortean Times, no. 51 (Winter 1988-1989): 59.

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