Black Malayan Tapir

Melanistic variety of the Malayan tapir, a Hoofed Mammal, of Southeast Asia.

Scientific name: Tapirus indicus var. breve-tianus, given by K. Kuiper in 1926.

Physical description: Malayan tapir that lacks the distinctive white saddle on its back and haunches.

Distribution: Near Babat, Sumatera Selatan Province, Sumatra, Indonesia.

Present status: Only two specimens are known, both collected in 1924 by K. Brevet of the Royal Dutch-Indian Army. They both died before they could be crossbred with normal tapirs.

Possible explanation: Either unusual melanistic morphs or an unverified variety of the Malayan tapir (Tapirus indicus).

Source: K Kuiper, "On a Black Variety of the Malay Tapir (Tapirus indicus)," Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, July 1926, pp. 425-426.

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