Birds of Paradise Unrecognized

Distinctive species of tropical Birds of the Family Paradisaeidae in Papua New Guinea, known onl y from isol at ed specimens obt ained wit hout precise l ocat ion dat a during t he heyday of indiscriminat e pi ume hunt ing. Six varieties were dismissed as hybrids in 1930 by Erwin St resemann but may const it ut e dist inct, and possibl y ext inct , species.

Scientific names: Bensbach's bird of paradise, Janthothorax bensbachi; Duivenbode's riflebird, Parypheporus duivenbodei; Elliot's sicklebill, Epi-machus ellioti; Rothschild's lobe-billed bird of paradise, Loborhamphus nobilis; Ruys's bird of paradise, Neoparadisea ruysi; and Pseudastrapia lobata. See also Goodenough Island bird.

Sources: Errol Fuller, The Lost Birds of Paradise (Shrewsbury, Engl and: Swan Hil l Press, 1995); Errol Fuller, Extinct Birds (Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press, 2001), pp. 380-382.

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