Unknown Prim ate of Central Africa.

Etymology: From the Bili Forest.

Physical description: Chimpanzee-like.

Habitat: Dense rain forest.

Distribution: Bili Forest, northeast Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Significant sightings: An ape skull of unknown type was found in the area around 1900 by an unnamed explorer.

In March 2001, an expedition to the Bili Forest by National Geographic Radio turned up ape feces, a ground nest, and a large footprint in the mud near a stream. Primatologist Richard Wrangham concluded they were chimpanzee traces, possibly an unknown variety.

Possible explanation: Unknown variety of Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes), perhaps related to the KoOLOO-KaMBA

Source: Karl Shuker, "Bemused in Bili," Fortean Times, no. 148 (August 2001): 18.

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