Big Wally

Freshwater Monster of Oregon. Etymology: After the lake. Physical description: Varied. Native American legends describe a manatee-like animal. A doubtful 1885 tale by a prospector involves a 100-foot-long monster with a hippo's head. Other sightings seem to be of a large sturgeon or an animal like Ogopogo.

Distribution: Wallowa Lake, Oregon. Significant sighting: On June 30, 1982, Mar-jorie Cranmer and Kirk Marks observed a 50-foot creature creating waves along the northeastern shore. It had seven dark-colored humps.

Possible explanation: White sturgeon (Aci-penser transmontanus) are not known in this lake, but they grow to 20 feet in length.

Sources: A. W. Nel son, Those Who Came First (LaGrande, Oreg.: A. W. Nelson, 1934), p. 17; Vance Orchard, Just Rambling around big wally 51

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