Small HomINID of Southeast Asia. Etymology: Unknown. Variant name: Ujit. Physical description: Height, 4 feet. Behavior: Nocturnal. Bipedal. Feeds on river snails and breaks open their shells with a rock. Said to kill people and rip out their livers. Wary of fire.

Distribution: Sabah State, Malaysia, in the north of the island of Borneo.

Tracks: Length, 6 inches. Width, 4 inches. Toes and heel are humanlike, but sole is too short and broad for a man. Big toe is on the opposite side of the arch of the foot.

Significant sighting: British zoologist John MacKinnon found two dozen footprints in the Ulu Segama National Park, Sabah, in 1969.

Possible explanation: Niah Cave in Sarawak, northern Borneo, has yielded archaic human remains. The cranium of a young, adult female found in 1958 is known as "Deep Skull" and may be 40,000 years old, which may represent the earliest anatomically modern remains in Indonesia.

Sources: Frederick Boyle, The Savage Life (London: Chapman and Hall, 1876), p. 36; John MacKinnon, In Search of the Red Ape (New York: Ballantine, 1974), pp. 100-102.

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