Bathysphaera intacta

One of Beebe's Abyssal Fishes of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Physical description: Length, 6 feet. Has a row of strong, pale-blue lights along its side. Two ventrical tentacles, each tipped with a pair of red and blue lights.

Distribution: North Atlantic Ocean.

Significant sighting: Observed only once at 2,100 feet by William Beebe in a bathysphere off Bermuda on November 22, 1932.

Possible explanation: Beebe classified it with the Scaleless black dragonfishes (Subfamily Melanostomiidae), but he admitted this was a guess and that the largest known dragonfish was only 15 inches long.

Sources: William Beebe, Half Mile Down (New York: Harcourt, Brace, 1934); William Beebe and Jocelyn Crane, "Deep-Sea Fishes of the Bermuda Oceanographic Explorations: Family Melanostomiatidae," Zoologica 24 (1939): 65-238.

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