Indonesialake Tawuti


Jigme Dorji National Park, lake in. Former king Jigme Dorji Wangchuck saw a white, fast-swimming animal in a lake in this park. Desmond Doig, "Bhutan," National Geographic 120 (September 1961): 384, 391-392.


Lake Changhai [Long Lake], Sichuan Province. A Chinese scientist saw a 10-foot "miracle animal" with a horse's head and a huge body on October 12, 1984. Janet and Colin Bord, Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th Century (Chicago: Contemporary Books, 1989), p. 355; UNEP-WCMC, Protected Areas Programme, sites/wh/juizhaig.html.

Chon-Ji Lake [also called Tian-chi, Changbai, or Dragon Lake], Jilin Province. See Guäi Wü.

Er Hai Lake, Yunnan Province. John Kirk, In the Domain of Lake Monsters (Toronto, Canada: Key Porter Books, 1998).

Lake Hanas, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. See Giant Salmon.

Jianzhuhai Lake, Sichuan Province. UNEP-WCMC, Protected Areas Programme, http://

Nuorilang Lakes, Sichuan Province. UNEP-WCMC, Protected Areas Programme, http://

Wuhan, lake near, Hubei Province. In 1987, a group of biologists led by Chen Mok Chun reported seeing three large, grayish-white, toadlike animals with mouths 6 feet wide and huge eyes swimming toward them. One of the creatures extended an enormous tongue that grabbed their tripod-mounted cameras. Karl Shuker, "Lesser-Known Lake Monsters," Fate 43 (September 1990): 75-86.


Apatani Valley, Arunachal Pradesh Union Territory, lakes in. See Buru.

Dafla Hills, Arunachal Pradesh Union Territory, lakes in. See Buru.


Danau Poso, Sulawesi. A 30-foot, cow-headed animal was reported in February 1977. Süddeutsche Zeitung (Munich), February 22, 1977, p. 23.

Danau Tawuti and other lakes, Sulawesi. See Sulawesi Lake Crocodile.

Lake Patenggang, southwest of Bandung, Java. Giant fish, turtle, or reptile 18 feet long. Times (London), February 7, 1977; Karl Shuker, "Lesser-Known Lake Monsters," Fate 43 (September 1990): 75-86.


Tigris River. See Afa, Anfish. Israel

Sea of Galilee. A large crocodilian was seen in July 1993. Loren Coleman, "Sea of Galilee Monster," Strange Magazine, no. 12 (Fall-Winter 1993): 28.


Chuzenji-ko, Tochigi Prefecture, Honshu. "Night tides" are said to be caused by the movement of a monster. Kathleen Conyngham, letter, Times (London), December 21, 1933.

Ikeda-ko, Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu. See Issie.

Kussharo-ko, Hokkaido Prefecture. See Kushii. Sarugaishi-gawa, Iwate Prefecture. See Kappa. Toya-ko, Hokkaido Prefecture. Three humps were seen in February 1978. John Kirk, In theDo-main of Lake Monsters (Toronto, Canada: Key Porter Books, 1998), p. 263.



Lake Sary Chelek. Moscow Radio reported a multihumped animal in 1963. Peter Costello, In Search of Lake Monsters (New York: Coward, Mc-Cann and Geoghegan, 1974), p. 264.


Lawas River, Sarawak State. A cow-headed monster reported in 1985 may be a Dugong (Dugong dugon). "Monster or Mermaid?" ISC Newsletter 5, no. 4 (Winter 1986): 9.

Tasek Bera, Pahang State. See Ular Tedong. Tasek Chini, Pahang State. Snakelike or long-necked monsters, born at the top of the Gunong Chini Mountain, are said to guard an ancient Khmer city submerged in the lake. Phyllis Benjamin, "Making Waves in the Cryptozoo," INFO Journal, no. 57 (July 1989): 29; Harold Stephens, Return to Adventure Southeast Asia (Miranda, Calif.: Wolfenden, 2000), pp. 11, 14.


Socho-nor. Mysterious water cattle. Henning Haslund, Men and Gods in Mongolia (Zayagan) (New York: E. P. Dutton, 1935), pp. 137-138.


Lake Taudaha. Legendary home of the serpent king Karkotak Naag. Festivals, http://www.


Tikis River, near Mount Pinatubo. Large black animals, 7 feet long and 3 feet wide, were seen between November 2001 and January 2002 by Aeta tribesmen. Tonette Orejas, "Strange Creatures Alarm Aeta Tribesmen," Philippine Daily Inquirer, January 14, 2002.


Lake Khaiyr, Sakha Republic. Bluish-black animal with a small head, long neck, jet-black skin, long tail, two pairs of limbs, and a vertical dorsal fin. Biologist Nikolai Gladkikh saw it once crawling onto the shore to eat grass. G. Rukosuyev, "The Mystery of Lake Khaiyr," Soviet Life, June

Lake Labynkyr, Sakha Republic. Black, long-necked animal that snorts and eats geese and reindeer. Seen frequently since the 1950s. Possibly a large Northern pike (Esox lucius). Brunello Van-

Sketch by biologist Nikolai Gladkikh of the animal he saw in Lake Khaiyr, Sakha Republic, Siberia, in 1964. From Komsomol'skaya Pravda, November 21, 1964. (Fortean Picture Library)

dano, "The Coldest Place on Earth," Life, January 22, 1965, pp. 80-83; Anatolii Pankov, Oymyakon-skiy Meridian (Moscow: Mesl', 1979).

Sharypovo, lake near, Krasnoyarsk Territory. A 21-foot-long green snake with a sheeplike head inhabits a lake near this town. "Snake with Sheep Head Is Spotted in a Lake," Baltimore Sun, November 21, 1991, p. 5A, quoting Tass news agency.

Lake Toni, Primor'ye Territory. A giant snake lives in underground burrows next to the lake. Paul Stonehill, "Giant Serpents of the Russian Far East," Strange Magazine, no. 13 (Spring 1994): 29.

Lake Vorota, Sakha Republic. A 25- to 32-foot, gray-black animal with a 6 foot 6 inch neck and a dorsal fin has been reported. Makes a loud roaring sound. Sergei K. Klumov, "Est'li na zemle eshche neizvestiye krulnye zhivotnye?" Priroda 51 (August 1962): 66-75.


Lake Duobuzhe. See Hlppoturtleox.

Lake Wenbu [also Wembo or Menbu]. In June 1980, farmers and party officials saw an animal with a long neck and big head. It was held responsible for the disappearance of a yak and a villager who had been rowing in the lake. Karl Shuker,

"Lesser-Known Lake Monsters," Fate 43 (September 1990): 75-86.


Er^ek Gölü, Van Province. Aquatic animal like a white horse. Karl Shuker, "Teggie and the Turk," Strange Magazine, no. 17 (Summer 1996): 25-27. Euphrates River. See Nhang. Murat Nehri River. See Nhang. Van Gölü, Van Province. See Canavar.


Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi. SeeHoAn Kiem Turtle.

Mekong River. Monster with nine nostrils. Mottled green, brown, and yellow. Length, 15 feet. Perhaps based on large catfish. Peter R. Kann, "Vietnam Journey," Wall Street Journal, November 10, 1969, p. 1; Wall Street Journal, October 21, 1992; "Making for the Mekong," Fortean Times, no. 141 (January 2001): 23.

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