Alula Whale

Unknown Cetacean of the Indian Ocean.

Etymology: After Alula, an alternate name for Caluula, a village on the Gulf of Aden in Somalia.

Physical description: Sepia-brown variety of killer whale. Length, 20 feet. High, rounded forehead. White, star-shaped scars. Dorsal fin is about 2 feet high.

Distribution: Gulf of Aden.

Significant sighting: W. F. J. Morzer Bruyns watched as many as four of these whales at a time pass by his ship in the eastern Gulf of Aden.

Possible explanation: A subspecies of killer whale (Orcinus orca).

Source: W. F. J. Morzer Bruyns, Field Guide of Whales and Dolphins (Amsterdam: Tor, 1971).

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