Rabbit pAB

Presynaptic membrane

Roos and Kelly (1998, 1999)

Dopamine decarboxylase

Rabbit pAB

Subset of neurons

Scholnick et al. (1991)

Discs large (DLG)

Rabbit and rat pABs

Dock Dynamin,


Rabbit pAB Three rabbit pABs Rabbit pAB Mouse mAB Mouse mAB Rabbit pAB Rabbit pAB Mouse mAB44Cll Mouse mAB

Rabbit pAB

Endophilin A Two guinea pig pABs

Rabbit pAB

Even-skipped Rabbit pAB

Mouse mABs3C10 Mouse mAB 2B8 Fasciclin I (5H7, 2A2, 1B8, 5E1) Mouse mAbs

Fasciclin II (1D4)

Mouse mAB

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