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Upper left: Dual fluorescence overlay on a phase image of a hippocampal neuron expressing a GFP-chimeric protein introduced by an adenoviral vector (see chapter 19). Mitochondria in this cell are labeled with mitotracker red. Image courtesy of Barbara Bernstein.

Upper Right: Neurons from rat hippocampus, fixed during the early stages of axonal elongation and stained for tubulin (green) and F-actin (red) reveal the density of microtubules in the cell bodies and axons, and of the actin filaments in the protrusive regions of the growth cones. (G. Ruthel and P. J. Hollenbeck)

Lower Left: Dual-label immunofluorescence image of axonal network of hippocampal neurons that have been stressed 24 hrs earlier by 30 minutes of ATP depletion. Green Fluorescence is staining of ADF/cofilin in rods. Red fluorescence is staining of phosphorylated neurofilament H. Image courtesy of Laurie Minamide.

Lower Right: Fluorescence overlay of phase contrast image of a cortical neuronal growth cone turning away from a boundary of aggrecan containing fluorescent dextran (red stripe). See chapter 7 for culturing methods of cortical neurons. Image courtesy of Patrick Sarmiere.

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