Uses of Chlorophyll in Foodstuff

Food Max. Level

Dairy products GMP

Fruit-based spreads GMP

Fats and oils GMP Surface-treated fruits and vegetables, and nuts and seeds GMP

Precooked or dried pastas and noodles GMP

Fresh meat, poultry, and game, whole pieces or cuts GMP

Fresh meat, poultry, and game, comminuted 1000 mg/kg

Fresh marine productsa GMP Frozen marine products, whole, cuts, minced or creamed GMP

Cooked marine products GMP

Fried marine products GMP

Smoked, dried, or fermented marine products GMP

Fresh eggs GMP

Infant food formulations GMP

Canned or bottled fruit juice and nectar GMP

Wines GMP

GMP = good manufacturing practices.

a This term includes fish, mollusks, crustaceans, and echinoderms. Source: Adapted from JECFA (2001).24

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