Nutraceuticals The Perspective

1. The Choice

Safety, taste, convenience, and value are factors considered by consumers when they purchase a food product. However, and as previously explained, consumers today are looking for foods that provide benefits beyond their traditional nutritional value; i.e., healthful or physiologically beneficial components are the elements of choice in functional foods, nutraceuticals, or natural health foods. Currently, it is thought that diet contributes to six of the ten leading causes of death. Up to 70% of certain cancers may be attributed to diet. This fact has produced a tremendous impact at several levels; shoppers are interested, the market must provide the product, the industry needs to develop it, and the academic sector needs to find the products and strategies that are to be implemented by industry, among other areas of impact. In addition, the tendency has been reinforced by the legal acceptance that some food components are important for health, as indicated below:16128129

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