Algae Phaeophyta (brown alga), Pyrrophyta (dlnoflagellates), Baclllarlophyta (diatoms), Chrysophyta, Prasinophyta, and Cryptophyta

In some red algae (Rodophyta) and Chrysophyta


Chlorophyll a a COCH 3 Me, H

Bacterlochlorophyll -

Purplebacterla, Including Chromatlaceae and Rhodospirillaceae

e HO-Et CHO, H CH2CH3, H Farn,H Me,H MeorEt andChloroflexaceae

Me or Et Green and brown sulfur bacteria Including Chloroblaceae

FIGURE 9.1 Chlorophyll structures and their' distribution. Positions 2, 12, 18 are Me groups throughout, except bacteriochlorophyll e 12 position Et; 13, 15 are cyclopentanone rings throughout. Abbreviations: Me = methyl group; Et = ethyl group; Vn = vinyl group; Acr = -CHCHCOOH; Fam = farnesol group. (Adapted from Hendry.2)

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