Neck Of The Femur

The neck of the femur is best seen if the arthroscopy is performed without distracting the joint. This is because, when significant traction is applied, the capsule is stretched and lies close to bone, reducing the space around the femoral neck. Usually the anterior portion of the neck is more accessible, the space being increased by flexing the hip. The anterior gutter is larger because the capsule reaches the inter-

FIGURE 8.21. Loose body lying within the posterior gutter.
FIGURE 8.22. The zona orbicularis.

trochanteric line, whereas posteriorly its insertion is more proximal, 1 cm above the trochanteric crest. Synovial longitudinal folds reflected upward along the neck of the femur are frequently present. They have a highly vascularized appearance and contain small vessels originating from the medial femoral circumflex artery. If one or more loose bodies are present within the joint, the anterior and posterior gutters close to the femoral neck may well contain them (Figure 8.21).

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