1. HIP AND KNEE FLEXtQN/HEEL SLIDES - Bend the knee of your Involved leg by sliding your heel towards you as far as possible. When you have reached the maximum bend, pause for a few seconds, and then allow your leg to straighten back to the starting position. Use your hands for assistance if needed. Repeat times,_times a day.

2. HIP ABDUCTION - With your legs straight out in front of you, slide your involved leg out to the side as flat as is comfortable, then bring it back to the starting position. Repeat _ times,_times a day.

3. INTERNAL ROTATION/EXTERNAL ROTATION - "Log Roll" your involved leg with an inward and outward stretch as comfort allows- Repeat_times,_times a day.

4. GLUT SETS - With your legs straight out in front of you, contract and tighten your buttocks, holding for__seconds, then relax,Repeat_times,_times a day.

* 5, QUAD SET - Tighten muscle in front of knee and hold 5 counts, then relax. Repeat_times,_times a day.

* 6. HAM SET - Press the heel of your foot down to the floor so the muscle on the bottom of your thigh tightens. Hold 8 counts, then relax. Repeat __ times,_times a day.

** multi-angled co-contractions: exercises 5 and 6 can be performed at various degrees of knee flexion {30°, 60°, and 90°).


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