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Obturator Fascia
FIGURE 5.8. (A, B) Entrapment of the obturator nerve by surrounding muscle fascia. (Adapted with permission from Bradshaw et al.36)

have also studied the potential sites for obturator nerve entrapment. In 1991, Peri84 described three critical zones of entrapment for the obturator nerve, including (a) the obturator canal; (b) the interval between the pectineus and the obturator externus muscle and between the adductor longus and the adductor brevis; and (c) the interval between the obturator externus and adductor magnus and the adductor magnus and the adductor brevis where the posterior branch is involved. This study involved 40 dissections in total; however, the descriptions provided lacked useful anatomic detail. To date, the work of Harvey and Bell74 has provided the clearest

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