Overcoming Your Fear of Flying


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1 Wiederhold, B.K. & Wiederhold, M.D. (2003). Three-year follow-up for virtual reality exposure for fear of flying. CyberPsychology & Behavior, 6(4), 441-445. 12 Wiederhold, B.K., Jang, D.P., Gervitz, R.G., Kim, S.I., Kim, I.Y., & Wiederhold, M.D. (2002). The treatment of fear of flying A controlled study of imaginal and virtual reality graded exposure therapy. IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, 6(3), 218-223. The second one is the lack of standardized protocols that can be shared by the community of researchers. In reviewing two clinical databases - Medline and Psyclnfo - we found only five published clinical protocols for the treatment of eating disorders 30 , fear of flying 31, 32 , fear of public speaking 33 and panic disorders 34 . A third limitation is the expense required for to set up trials. As we have just seen, the lack of interoperable systems added to the lack of clinical protocols force most researchers to spend a lot of time and money in...