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Methods used to calculate compartmental capacities

And average residue molecular weights are calculated from the number of constituent amino acids downloaded from the Protein Data Bank (http www.rcsb.org pdb home home.do) and known molecular weights of the constituent amino acids using the Excel spreadsheet displayed in Table 1.1. Hydration fractions are calculated using stoichiometric hydration rules derived for the collagen molecule structure relative to the fundamental tripeptide unit. The hydration capacities h equal the molecular weight of water Mw 18.015 Da divided by three times the mean amino acid residue molecular weight of the protein multiplied by stoichiometric hydration numbers one single water bridge per tripeptide for hRa, four waters for hB, and 12.5 water molecules per tripeptide hPr to complete coverage of hydrophilic sites (Fullerton and Rahal, 2007). Thus hRa 18.015 (3 x average amino acid molecular weight 3 x 91.2 Da) 0.065 g g, and hB 4 x hRa 0.262 g g and hPr 12.5 x hRa 0.81 g g for collagen as calculated at the...

Criteria For Selecting Single Ingredients For Mixtures

When one is aiming to make a multifunctional mixture from two ingredients, both of which excel in another property, it is most likely that one also will make a mixture of a high performer and a medium or low performer within these two properties. In the example of the mixture shown in Fig. 3, where a good moisturizer was mixed with a good skin elasticity provider, a good moisturizer was also mixed with a poor moisturizer and a poor elasticity provider with a high-performance elasticity provider. One should therefore also consider separately the single efficacies that are combined in the multifunctional mixture. To investigate the influence of mixing within a single efficacy, we made all possible six combinations of poor, medium, and high efficacy poor poor, poor medium, poor high, medium medium, medium high, and high high. Because of the high number of skin functionalities measured (moisturization, elasticity, and the 20 sensory attributes), this could not be done for all skin...

Applications of the Baranyi Model

Since its inception in the early 1990s, the Baranyi model has been used extensively to model microbial growth. The popularity of this model has been facilitated by the availability of two programs DMFit, an Excel add-in and MicroFit, a stand-alone fitting program, distributed by the Institute of Food Research in the U.K. The model was used for growth modeling of a wide variety of microorganisms, the results of which are included in the Food MicroModel software.46 Some recent applications were related to Listeria monocytogenes,41,48 B. cereus,49 Escherichia coli,50 Y. enterocolitica,51 increasing colony diameter of heat-resistant fungi,52 and spoilage in green asparagus and vegetable salad.53,54

Metabolic Imaging And Intelligence

Metabolic imaging techniques such as PET and fMRI have the advantage of excellent spatial resolution. This enables researchers to investigate if the biological basis of intelligence manifests itself in the amount of cortical activation during a task or at rest, or the areas of the brain recruited to complete a task, or a combination of both. Larson et al. (1995) pointed out that in standard intelligence tests everyone receives the same items in the same order. Typically, some low-aptitude participants will experience difficulty with most of the items, whereas many of the high-aptitude participants will excel. From this, it is quite logical to assume that low-aptitude participants may be required to expend more effort (p269). Therefore, Larson et al. (1995) conducted a study where the cognitive task (the backward digit span) was adapted for each subject so as to have the subject performing at the 90 (easy) or 75 (hard) accuracy. It was proposed that this would remove the confounding...

Interaction Between The Two Approaches

Abnormality in the processing of goal-attainment and reward is a common feature of the two models indeed, the two approaches complement each other. In the case of BAS elevation and hypomania, extreme goal-attainment attitudes may promote goal-striving activity that would lead to further elevations in BAS level. High BAS activation results in greater attentional focus upon reward as well as increased optimism, which may confirm goal-attainment attitudes such as, If I try hard enough, I should be able to excel at anything I attempt .

Results and Data Analysis

For each well, a minimum of 100 events is collected for each microsphere set, and the results are reported as the MFI of each microsphere set. The data are written to a .csv file, which can be imported to Excel or other analysis software for data reduction. A background well, consisting of all reaction components except a DNA sample, is used to determine the background reporter fluorescence associated with each microsphere set. The background MFI values are subtracted from the sample MFI values to determine the net MFI. Net MFI values are then normalized to an allelic ratio for each target by dividing the net MFI of the allele by the sum of the net MFI for all of the alleles of the target. An example for a background and normal DNA sample in the standard mutation panel is shown in Fig. 3. Generally, the allelic ratio is 0.75 for a homozygous positive allele, between 0.25 and 0.75 for a heterozygous positive allele, and

Advances In Miniaturization And Diagnostic Kits

Dishes) and liquid media (in another series of microtiter plates with 0.2 ml of liquid per well). The procedure involves placing liquid cultures (pure cultures) to be studied into sterile wells of a microtiter plate ( 0.2 ml for each well) to form a master plate. Each microtiter plate can hold up to 96 different cultures, 48 duplicate cultures, or various combinations as desired. The cultures are then transferred using a sterile multipoint inoculator (96 pins protruding from a template) to solid or liquid media. Sterilization of the inoculator is accomplished by alcohol flaming. Each transfer represents 96 separate inoculations in the conventional method. After incubation at an appropriate temperature, the growth of cultures on solid media or liquid media can be observed and recorded, and the data can be analyzed. These methods are ideal for studying large numbers of isolates or for research involving challenging large numbers of microbes against a host of test compounds. Using this...

A1 Statistical analysis BCLUST

BRB ArrayTools is an integrated package, developed by Richard Simon and Amy Peng at the National Cancer Institute, for the visualisation and statistical analysis of DNA microarray gene expression data. The package uses an Excel front end with integrated analytical and visualisation tools.

Dysfunctional attitudes

Lam Bipolar Disorder Cognitive Model

The goal-attainment subscale appears to capture the risky attitudes described earlier. Examples of the goal-attainment subscale are as follows I should be happy all the time , A person should do well at everything he undertakes , I ought to be able to solve problems quickly and without a great deal of effort and If I try hard enough, I should be able to excel at anything I attempt . The antidependency subscale consists of two items (see Figure 12.1), which are congruent with the tendency towards autonomy proposed previously.

Technical and practical limitations of PET and SPET compared with other imaging modalities

PET and SPET excel in the measurement of neurochemical parameters in vivo at very low (subnanomolar) concentration. (1 ,2 Such sensitivity cannot be matched by other in vivo methods such as proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (millimolar range). However, radiation dosimetry limits the number of scans that subjects may receive. Full quantitation can often be achieved with PET, unlike SPET. However, for imaging blood flow change, functional magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI) now offers the possibility of repeated measures (without radiation exposure) that far exceed that possible with PET- and SPET-based methods of flow mapping. However, full quantitation of blood flow is not yet readily achievable with functional MRI without injection of contrast agents. One disadvantage of functional MRI over PET, for some subjects, is the noisy claustrophobic environment of the scanner, but generally subjects and paradigms studied with PET flow mapping can be readily investigated with functional...


The results can be either printed out or, more practically, assembled in a computer text file. Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet software easily assembles the data into the various trial types. What is very evident from the mouse data is that there is a great deal of variability between animals that needs to be addressed. Using groups sizes of 12 to 14 mice, there are typically one or two animals with very low startle responses in the control group. This may reflect a behavioral freezing that is common to both rats and mice. As a matter of standard practice we therefore


The major current focus of software development is in the analysis of microarray data. Microarray data can be analyzed using a range of traditional software from basic spreadsheets such as Microsoft's Excel or more devoted statistical packages such as SAS. In general, however, investigators have preferred dedicated applications with tools focused specifically at microarrays. One of the most flexible of these is the R statistical programming language. R is a programming language in which users can either adopt a wide variety of previously written packages to their specific needs or, if need be, write their own. These multiple applications can be performed without the

Sequence Analysis

Sequitherm EXCEL II cycle sequencing kit (EpiCentre, Madison, WI, USA) including 3.5X sequencing buffer, DNA polymerase, ddNTP mixes for A,C,G,T Dimethylsulfoxid (DMSO) IRD-700 labeled M13 universal sequencing primers corresponding to the 5' end of the reverse primer used for RT-PCR (Note). Sequagel complete gel solutions (National Diagnostics, Atlanta, GA, USA).

Invader Procedure

Use the Microsoft Excel worksheet with macros supplied by Third Wave technologies. This quickly adjusts the volumes of reagents based on the number of samples to be tested. 8. Read the plate at both wavelength settings, and cut and paste the readings into the Microsoft Excel macro supplied by Third Wave Technologies.